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Xeon has built a solid track record over the last several years of successful implementations. We understand banking. We understand systems. We understand that every bank has unique system requirements. So we take the time to understand each bank’s needs and make sure we meet them.

To ensure the success of our implementations we have developed our own process that has been used in successful implementations worldwide. Our methodology, designed with a balance between structure and flexibility, enables us to provide a fast, efficient, economical implementation of Teller software solutions every time. Our approach provides results and rapid returns. We believe in transparency and value in systems and our unique implementation approach is no different. Our site-by-site phased implementation approach allows for a gradual evolution of information systems in banks, without requiring a complete system replacement or complex business process re-engineering.

The Xeon Implementation Project Team is composed of:

  • Business Analysts
  • Technical Architects
  • Solution Designers
  • Technical Implementers (Developers)
  • Project Managers

At a very high level, the Xeon Implementation Methodology is composed of the following steps:

  • Analyze: Define what the solution needs to accomplish, both in terms of business features and non-functional attributes (performance, usability, etc.). Obtain agreement between all parties on these requirements.
  • Design: Define all solution components and their dependencies. Install development and test environments. Prepare the test plan.
  • Build: Manage and execute an iterative development cycle and multi-environment testing. Integrate to peripherals and third party applications.
  • Deploy: Create a plan to maintain and enhance the solution. Establish a support schedule. Migrate solution to production environment. Communicate the deployment to the business user audience.

The winning formula that creates implementation success for Teller systems is the combination of Xeon's implementation methodology, it’s aggressive project management, it’s worldwide banking expertise and it’s in-depth technical knowledge of the Siebel Branch Teller system - all packaged with experienced programmers to release new implementations quickly and enable a quick return on systems investment. In addition, while Xeon performs in key positions during implementations, Xeon concurrently trains bank’s staff allowing their clients to improve their understanding of the system and become self-supporting before the project reaches maturity.


The mission of Xeon’s service and support organization is total customer satisfaction through value-based interaction and assistance, be that on site or off site. Our goal is to deliver tangible service assets by making our system knowledge and problem-solving technologies available when and where our clients need them most. To satisfy our mission and meet our goals, Xeon has assembled the industry’s best service technicians and support professionals from around the world. Their charter is to extend the life and enhance the functionality of the systems we implement and, by doing so, protect our clients’ capital equipment and software investment. From software enhancement to applications support, Xeon offers a coverage plan that meets our clients’ needs. Currently our support is offered via English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Our clients’ operations hinge on high availability and long-term performance, so cannot afford troubling software issues. An Xeon software support contract protects their software and hardware investment. It helps ensure that host computers and peripheral systems all maintain their compatibility. Our support agreements keep their system up-to-date with the latest software revisions and updates and help avoid downtime and performance problems via on site and telephone support. Xeon’s software support contracts are designed to prevent system failures and preserve a system’s overall integrity as it ages and grows to accommodate the ever-changing technology landscape. With a software support agreement from Xeon, our clients receive the best technical support available and access to our finest software engineers.

Software problems can sometimes increase as a system matures and technologies change. That is because hardware upgrades and peripheral add-ons require software changes that can burden the system and overwhelm the average software engineer. Xeon has the expertise and resources to troubleshoot and solve the most difficult coding errors. Our clients protect and future-proof their investment with a software support agreement from Xeon. Our software support agreements are the best line of defense against issues that can adversely affect uptime. We have the critical knowledge to solve tough problems and we know how the Siebel Branch Teller software behaves in a real-word environment.

Xeon’s Software Support and Development Agreement (SSDA) is the most comprehensive software support plan we offer. It is intended for multi-faceted production and assembly environments where compatibility and system reliability is mission critical. Through a combination of on site and telephone support and software upgrade enhancements, an SSDA contract allows for continuing technical and functional improvements while preventing technical issues before they become problematic. In times of crisis, an SSDA contract provides the fastest access to technical support and failure resolution. With an SSDA our clients get the complete technical support they need — from general phone support to on site immediate access to expert software engineers.

Xeon’s Remote Support Agreement (RSA) is tailored for clients who have a very mature environment and have no plans to upgrade or install software revisions. While an RSA contract from Xeon does not include software enhancements, all others elements of a software support agreement are maintained — including access to Xeon's expert software engineers. An RSA contract offers the most affordable and convenient way to maintain systems that are implemented by Xeon.


  • Proof of concepts: Development of software to prove the technological possibility of desired solutions. In addition, this a good tool to help identify hidden technical and business requirements and potential issues.
  • Identifying Vendors: Provide assistance to financial institutions in preparing RFP documents for distribution to systems vendors.
  • Presales: Provide assistance to software companies to prepare RFP response documents and high level project solutions and estimates.
  • Vetting of Vendors: Provide assistance to financial institutions in vetting RFP response documents provided by systems vendors. This ensures the institutions choose the best possible vendor and solution to meet their requirements.
  • E-Commerce: Design e-commerce sites for merchants who wish to integrate to online payment gateways such as Stripe. We helped Tile Devil, a leading wall and floor tiles wholesaler and retailer, move their business online in the UK.